Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Diary of a Clinically Obese 21 Year Old.


Well that's not entirely true, here goes a clinically obese 21 year old woman... Watch as I waddle and hear the floor boards creak under me.  

This blog is for anyone who thinks it's not possible to lose weight or for those looking for support and encouragement in a safe space. I would love this blog to become a hub of support for anyone trying to reach any goal, fitness related or not. For so long I have tried half heatedly to lose weight but now I feel it's time to go all out. I refuse to be the fat ugly dumpling out of my friendship group. While all of my friends would be outraged I feel this way, it's the truth. But truths can change evolve and adapt. 

I have 16 weeks until I graduate from university. I am fed up of looking back at photos and wanting to cry   crying over the way I look. My graduation photos will be displayed with pride. So July 18th is the biggest day of my life. And I want to be the smallest I can be. I am currently 14st 7lbs. My goal weight for this day is 12st. In twelve months time I will weigh 9st.  

I like quick decisions and quick results but I am realise that weight loss isn't like this. It's a long winded battle, but the good thing is I know if I stick with it and keep fighting at every opportunity, I will win. It's guaranteed.

While I may be coming across unrealistic and to optimistic I believe a positive outlook is what has been missing from my previous attempts at losing weight. Each attempt before was an uphill struggle with unrealistic goals and a negative attitude. I've now been pushing hard with exercise and eating well for a week, this is the longest I've ever lasted without crisps or chocolate! Should not have thought of chocolate :'(! Although I've had a brilliant week, today I messed up, the smell of a sausage sandwich was all it took to break my will power. But my Dad (sure I'll write more about him over the weeks, he's a fitness guru :/) reassured me little mistakes will happen and while a little guilt is okay to ensure these mistakes don't happen to often, too much guilt results in distorted views of food. Moderation is key.  So while I may seem a little to chirpy about weigh loss, let me reassure you. I know I will mess up and I will fall at a few hurdles but I will work harder and I (hopefully) won't fall at the same hurdle twice. 

Well this has been a ramble of information but basically this blog is going to track my attempts and hopefully the results of my weight loss! But most importantly it's here so anyone can comment or talk about their own goals ideas and thoughts! Also I'm going to measure and weigh myself once a week and upload all of the numbers here, so I cannot deny or lie to myself or anyone else! Going to attempt to video blog and upload photos once I feel a bit more confident about blogging! 

Anyway I would love to hear off anyone who's read this far :) 

14st 7lbs

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